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Columbus Lands the Crappie Masters Classic 2012

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By Ray - Posted on 22 July 2011

Guess we have to start getting ready for some serious tournament fishing on the home lake.

I am excited about Crappie Masters coming to Columbus..

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Lake Fork Trophy Lures is excited about the Crappie Masters Nationals being in Columbus, Mississippi and Ronnie and I hope to be there, too! Also, we are hoping to see a lot of you anglers and supporters for the June 16th Crappie Masters Tournament on Lake Fork! If we can be of any assistance to you while you are here in Texas, just let us know!

Anne Parker
Lake Fork Trophy Lures

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There is a fantastic crappiei club in your area called Crappie Anglers of Texas or "CAT" for short. They meet usually once a month in the Carrollton/Plano area and have members from all over the area. They are a very actice group and very nice people as well. I think you would enjoy getting hooked up with this group as I know we have enjoyed being a member of it.

Their website is

Happy fishing!

Anne Parker
Lake Fork Trophy Lures

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How did the qualifiers go earlier this month?

I'll assume your in Ray, being the slabmaster that you are. fill us in.............

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Peepaw, Ray did not make the cut at Columbus and neither did we. But, we both went to Lake Washington and got qualified. Me and my brother finished 7th and had the big fish of the tourney and Ray finished 15th, I think, fishing by himself.
Funny thing is, we can't even get qualified on our home lake, but can drive to the other side of the world and catch fish on a lake neither one of had ever been on. Think we out-thunk ourselves during the Columbus qualifier. Oh well, we made the big show and I'm ready for it. Oughta be fun.

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Y'all stay off Columbus. I'll tell ya when they biting. This ought to be good for the area. Specially if it's ran right. Don't screw this up Columbus.

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Ray, I'm excited as well... I love fishing Columbus too!

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