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Columbus tournaments just around the corner

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By Ray - Posted on 31 January 2012

Well with the Columbus Lake Crappie Masters qualifier on a month away and the Crappie USA SUPER EVENT the following weekend I have been doing a little at home computer homework. What I have done is taken the last 7 national events that were held on Columbus Lake and worked the numbers to try and figure out what kind of weights it takes in the spring to win and what teams have won in the past that still fish these events.
I took the 7 spring events and threw out the top weight and the lowest weight and averaged the remaining 5 tournament results. The average winning weight for 7 crappiei is 10.66 pounds or a per crappie average of 1.52 pounds. My experience on Columbus lake is it takes a 14 inch crappie in the spring to to get over 1.5 pounds. So to win you need 7 crappie 14 inches or greater.
As for the winning and top placing teams that still actively fish the events.
Ronnie Capps and Steve Coleman have won 2 spring events.
Joe Wilson and Steve Perritt have won 2 spring events.
Those are the only 2 teams still actively fishing that have won Columbus Lake based national tournaments with 2 other spring events won by the retired team of Woods and McIntosh. Now looking at other teams that have consistent overall 2nd place to 5th place finishes. Willis Bonner and David Baldridge have proven very tough on their home lake and will be prepared to post good weights for both these events.
By the way the best ever weight in a national event was in 2002 by Sisson bringing in 10 crappie weighing 16.46 or a impressive 1.66 per crappie.
The lowest ever winning weight was 16.19 by Wilson and Perritt in a 2 day super event just last year after terrible weather a 1.16 pound per crappie average was enough to win.
After all this research barring terrible weather I expect at 10.85 winning weight for the Crappiemasters tournament on March 3rd and 21.00 for the Crappie USA SUPER EVENT the following weekend.
How all this information helps you guys looking to fish the tournament and I would enjoy any commentary you may have to share with us on the subject of national crappie tournaments on Columbus Lake.

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Mark it does seem the winning weights come from all around. But as of late only 1 of the last 5 wins came from the Columbus Lake. As far as I can tell Columbus is the weaker of the 3 lakes for early spring and Aberdeen may be the strongest.
Big Papa I am thinking you are right. Every tournament there are at least 2 crappiei over 2 pounds.


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Ray, Very interesting stuff. Weren't these wins pretty evenly scattered between the 3 pools? 7 fish at 10 lbs is a pretty string of crappiei on any lake. Good Luck next month. mark

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2nd place big fish should be 2-2.10 1st place Big Fish 2.10-2.42

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