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By Ray - Posted on 07 October 2010

Hey guys I still have several caps to give away. All you have to do to have a really good chance of wining one is post a crappie fishingi report with pictures.. Come on I am ready to get to the big giveaway which will require you have a cap to enter..

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ray i probably don't qualify for the cap because i just order my predator. actually i was so impressed with the pictures you posted of your boat, i ordered its sister. the only differences are a 90hp yamaha and a 998csi.i even went so far as to order it from bill morgan. but if you'll invest a cap in future pictures/reports i should have it by december. dw

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Hey DW. I will take that deal. Can you Email me your name and mailing address to


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got the hat today! great lookin' hat thanks! i'm expecting the boat by the end of nov. "delayed gratification" is definitely overrated. thanks again. dw

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great! thanks. i'll send it shortly. by the way, since i'm putting the 998 si on the transom i'm wonderin' if i'm going to face the same si issue that caused you to install 2 transducers. was it the boat or the hummingbird? dw

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Before or after the Classic???

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Probably do the big giveaway right after the classic.


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