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Details for the Crappie Gear Giveaway

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By Shannon - Posted on 11 February 2009 is looking for users to contribute content to the site. We will be giving away crappiei gear to users who place content. The first giveaway is scheduled for February 15th, 2009. As some of you may already know, we sometimes get crappie gear from manufacturers interested in the site. We would like to share that gear with the users.

To qualify, you will need to get a user name and password and either post crappie pictures or create/reply to forum topics. Each unique posting will give you points. For every ten points you acquire, your name will be placed in the drawing for that giveaway. At the end of the deadline, we will announce the winner and ask you via E-mail to send us your shipping address. It is that easy. No purchase necessary - we even pay shipping. We will run the Crappie Gear Giveaway for 3 months to see how popular the giveaway is with our users.

If you have not registered at as a user, registration is free. Please follow the link

Thank you for your support of the site and sharing your crappie knowledge.

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Do you just post pics in the albums for contest?

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Hey Frank and welcome to the site. Any post you make adds entries for you in the contest. Picture posts are worth the most points so they are th most valuable. You actually got an entry in the contest for this post.


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Great idea and look forward to posting. Just finished lookin at the side scan images. Wow!.... will have to save my penny's up for a new addition to the crappiei killer boat. Being an ex Navy sonar tech, I was wondering when the hobby would get access to this kind of technology. Looking forward to seeing some of you all on the lake. I fish Ohio, KY lake, Tn river, Laurel Lake, and Weiss Lake. Drop a line sometime soon.


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I got to addmit the videos and the explanations of the 997 and other side image is very helpful , And I enjoy the fishing videos also. Thanks for posting these , Im sure it is quite a lot of work .

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Have a quick question,I fish Kentucky Lake around Perryville alot.I see alot of people trolling in five to seven feet of water but only fishing about a foot deep and catching fish. I think these fish are either chaseing shad to the top or just suspended that shallow. Any comments anyone.

Take a kid fishing!!!

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I have had that same experience on KY lake and found they were eating shad minnows...When this is happening I am seeing lots of bait fish on my sonar.

Kid Crappie

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Feb 13 2009

Went to reelfoot wind coming out of east .lake was white capping .went over to green island point caught some monsters.
some 2lb average 3/4 early .As the day went on got real slow. to windy to move around.I kept 12 crappiei.

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Im glad I found this site. Im a poster on Glad to get info for more than one site. Would like to see some Louisiana info. Like the site and what I see so far.
Gatortrax35 Central Louisiana..on the banks of Saline/Larto complex!

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Welcome Gatortrax35 to the site. I also use the site and find it useful for discussing crappie fishingi with other crappie fishermen. We started out on this site with a little different mission and that mission is to provide valuable detailed information on lakes, crappie fishingi reports and educational materials in a format easily and quickly obtained even from a mobile device. Our information comes from users like yourself and several successful teams on the national circuits. Feel free to let us know what you would like to see and add information where you can. We are looking to add lakes all across the country and just need help from local fisherman to keep the crappie reports for those lakes updated. So tell us what lakes you would like to see us add and we will get it done.


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I am also a member on Went to sardis yesterday and did pretty good. Windy and cold early with afternoon ending up being nice.

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I am planning on going to reelfoot this weekend if weather allows it. Anybody having any success up there. If not I will head back to Sardis or Horseshoe.

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