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First day of Tracking

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By CrappieRadio - Posted on 18 January 2010

Beautiful day to be on the water today so I went out to Sardis to try to locate some of the 25 fish we tagged and released one month ago today. I put in at Engineers' Pointi where the surface water temperature was 38.5 degrees. I was able to pick up the signal from 7 of the 25 transmitters in about four hours of tracking. The fish had been captured, tagged and released in about 40 feet of water in the open middle portion of the lake. Most of those relocated today had moved toward the NNW and were within a mile or so of the release point. The fish relocated today were found at bottom depths of 20 to 40 feet and with surface water temperatures 40.5 to 42.3 degrees. The radio signal does not provide information on what depth the fish are using in the water column. I'll try to find some more fish tomorrow.

If you are interested in this project, check out "" for the results of a similar study performed by Kentucky DFW in 2003. Scroll down to the "Radio Tags" heading.

Remember, we look forward to your reports of captured tagged fish.

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Man this is great information to have. I really look forward to finding out about the movement of these fish through the season.


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CrappieRadio, Hope you had a good break from school. Glad to see you are back and chasing those tagged crappiei. The tagged crappie had not moved very far just as I had expected. I expect as the water warms and gets close to spawning time we should see some major movement of the tagged crappie. Woods

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