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By Shannon - Posted on 03 June 2011

The Tenn-Tom Crappie Club would like to thank member PeePaw from for the very nice door prizes that they have provided for the 2011 Classic on Columbus Lake. The door prizes will include the 'Keeperi' Artifical Fish Habitat as well as a structure marker. Logo

Information from
Product Description

'Keeper' Artificial Fish Habitat

This is our largest model of artificial habitat. This unit stands 48" tall and opens to 84" in diameter.

Maximum shade and protection is abundant throughout this eco. friendly product made with reclaimed pvc material. With limbs all standing a full 48", these 2-1/2"-3-1/2" wide surfaces grow algae and aquatic life quickly.

Each keeper weighs approx. 32 pounds, and is recommended for depths over 10 feet. This large and somewhat coarse cover, provides habitat for all sizes of fish.

Bass,crappiei,panfish alike utilize the shading effects of this new type of artificial fish attractor. Go-green and promote fish habitat restoration! Made in the USA with all American made materials.

Reclaimed pvc limbs provide an eco.-friendly solution to fish habitat loss and degradation. Over 62 square feet surface area. each.

Safehouse Artificial Fish Habitat'Bassinet' Artificial Fish Habitat-3 pack'Nursery' Artificial Fish Habitat'Playground'Artificial Fish Habitat'The Refuge' 6-pack artificial fish habitat structures and attractors'New 8' Cradle' Four Pack fry fish habitat'New 8' Cradle' fry fish habitatArtificial fish habitat 'Starter Pack'

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Thanks for your support Peepaw. I really like the looks of "the Stakeout"
Keep the new products coming and we appreciate what you do.



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Thanks Peepaw. Those look really good, as does the others.

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"The Stakeout", by
"The Stakeout", by

Here's another pic, the newest model made for crappiei guys for stake beds. We call it "The stakeout" . Each unit only weighs under 8 pounds and stands upright when tossed in. These limbs can be left straight or bent to shape. Used in clusters, these units will create a crappie stakebeds that will last for ever! No need to keep adding more each year in the same spots. Available online now!
Standing 48" tall and about 30" dia. at the top, recommended depths of 5' and deeper.the 8" diameter base holds unit down for good. The stakes are rigid but flexible, opening to about 30" diameter at the top. Placed in groups, this artificial crappie stake bed will keep you in the winners circle with your own hot spot!

We will send some down soon for you all to check out and possibly win at the next Tenn-Tom Crappie club/ crappie fishingi tournament!

"Help Reclaim fish habitat with reclaimed artificial
fish attractors" by
10% off to all members
code: crapp101

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