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How deep will the crappie spawn

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By Ray - Posted on 14 February 2011

This is info from a 1982 book by Steve L. Wunderle it reads: the clearer the water the deeper the crappiei spawn will be. How to determine the depth they will spawn: cut a eight inch circle of sheet metal and paint it white. Drill a hole in center of the circle and attach an eyebolt through the hole. Tie a nylon cord to the eyebolt and lower the white disk into the water. This instrument you have just made is similr to a fisheries instrument called a Secchi disK. It is lowered into the water on the shady side of your boar without the use os sunglassed. The spawning depth will be at the point where you cannot see the disk, crappie should be at depth where your disk disappears or two feet below the disk reading.
I got this from a member Danny Malone. I find it interesting and plan on considering this as I fish this year.

Secchi Disk.jpg

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