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Humminbird SI images of some crappie I caught

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By Ray - Posted on 15 February 2010

Here is a snapshot of some crappiei I found on the Humminbird 1197 and caught. I ended up catching about 6 on this spot.
The Yellow box is the area I concentrated on and each of the red circles have fish inside. I didn't circle all the fish just a few.

SI Crappie.PNG
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Ray, All i can say is you have a good understanding of your electronics. Ok, I see the circled fish, they are at what depth? I guess from experience you can distinguish suspended crappiei?

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Beau I am learning more and more over time. I can usually tell if they are suspended by how are the sonar shadow is behind the fish. If you click on the image and enlarge it you will see what I am talking about. These were easy since they were in only 8 feet of water and the shadow was relatively close I figured them to be 6 to 7 foot deep or so and that is the depth I caught them.
I dropped my bottom hook down to 7 and that left my top hook at about 5 1/2.
So in short take a look at how far the sonar shadow is behind the fish and then to verify watch the bottom sonar as you troll over them and see where it marks them.


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Ray, I guess I will keep using the rope with the rock tied on it or keep running my 14 ft. BnM pole down to check how deep the water is. The longest pole I have is 20 ft. so I am limited. Or wait till Hummingbird comes out with a unit like the Tom Tom that talks to you. Crappie 6ft. ahead and 10ft. deep. I would probably expire before I figured it out anyway. Woods

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Well John. If I had the success you have had crappie fishingi I would not buy anything new. The rest of us have to make up with our inadequacies with new toys. Surly some of this stuff has got to help make up for my lack of speaking crappiei.


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whats the white circles?

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Hey Brian the white areas are gravel mounds. Not very high though. Like less than a 1 foot high. When the crappiei are in the pits they like to hang around them though.


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