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Ice Crappie fishing

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By Ray - Posted on 03 November 2010

It is coming up on Ice fishing time. I sure would like to see some of those Ice Crappie Fishermen tell us about their fishing. I have been tempted many times to go give it a try.
If you are a Ice Crappie fisherman let us hear from you.

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ice fishing's great. its addicting. not many things better than sitting on a 5 gal bucket with your back to the wind, watching your flasher, bringing your jig either down to or up to the fish and makin' them bite. under the ice all the suspended particles in the water sink to the bottom and the fish taste their best. its been my experience that perch, bluegill, walleye generally relate more to the bottom under the ice where crappiei tend to suspend. it seems that the best crappie bite is after dark. i really miss it. dw

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I really think I will just go. Got some connections in Minnesota that have invited me tons of times.


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you'll have a ball. if they've got 4 wheelers/snowmobiles/track vehicles it'll be amazing. i always wanted to build a hovercraft big enough to camp in and go ice fishing in it for a week. oh well. dw

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