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Interesting Finds

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By Beau Butler - Posted on 13 July 2010

We have been finding some interesting things in our little crappiei study. Local fishermen on Hugo have noticed what we are doing and are being a great help with some things.
Over the past weekend we were able to look at a lot of stomach contents and gather a lot of data. Here is a partial list of some of the things we found:

Approximately 150 crappie examined:


shad 3

minnow(?) 1

leaches 7

insect larvae 14

grass hopper 1

Ok, you're wondering where the grasshopper came from, well, wife and I noticed there were grasshoppers all over the stumps out in the middle of the lake. What they were doing there I have no idea, but they were there.

I was a little shocked to find the leaches, but after a little thought, made sense. Most of the insect larvae was not clear as to exact species of insect, and both made the assumption that it was probably some specie of Mayfly nymph.

In talking with the fishermen, all had the same story. Not many fish early, 6:00 AM until around 8:00 AM, water temp. 85 degrees. Around 8-9AM, bite picked up as water temp warmed to around 88 and from there it only got better.

As a note, with this information, wife and I fished a black 2" grub and pounded the crappie. We did notice that the jig head
color made a slight difference, with a dark blue with sparkles being the jig head of choice. ( Both of us were using chrome crappie crumbles.)

Now here is an interesting observation. When the wind let down, crappie moved up the stumps to about 6-7 ft. When the wind picked up, fish dropped to around 9 ft. We were fishing 11-12 ft of water off the edge of the cleared lake.

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Thats some pretty neat info! Wonder why the grass hoppers we out on the stumps.

T. Todd

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