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Jan. 17th Sardis Radio Tracking update

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By CrappieRadio - Posted on 17 January 2011

We attached radio transmitters to 15 white crappie and 13 black crappie from December 9th to 15th. Tagged fish range in size from about 12 inches to just under 16 inches in length. The fish have had time to acclimate to the transmitters while I was out of town for the holidays and it's now time to start tracking the fish. Two tagged white crappie were reported as captured earlier this month. One was released with the tag intact while the other transmitter was returned. The fish were described as appearing healthy. I plan to attach the remaining three transmitters (2 new, 1 returned and reused) this week. I had my receiver scanning while checking and resetting a trap on Saturday (1/15) and located five tagged fish. Surface temperatures were 35.3 degrees to 37.1 degrees and depths were 6 to 17 feet. If you catch a tagged fish, please record the ID number on the orange tag and give us a call. We're interested to know the health of the fish and whether it's still carrying a radio transmitter in addition to when, where and how you caught it. GPS coordinates are great but a description of the spot is helpful, too. Both tags have our phone number on them. Please measure the fish before deciding whether to keep it. There are a few tagged fish that are just under 12 inches long. You may keep legal sized fish if you wish and we'll reuse the transmitter, but a healthy released fish can provide more information later on. Whatever you decide, reporting your catch is greatly appreciated. Caleb
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Caleb, The difference I believe with crappiei being caught already this year, is the difference in the lake level. Last year the lake was really high and the crappie had twice the area as this year with the lake being so low. Woods

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Man I am thinking there must not be many really good crappiei fishermen fishing Sardis.. Just kidding.. When compared to the total population of crappie in the lake it is about like winning the lotto to catch one probably.


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Previous studies by MDWFP have indicated around 40% yearly harvest rate for Sardis crappiei. We were expecting at least 10 fish to be caught and reported last year.


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Last year only one fish was reported as caught. Last year we tagged 25 fish with radio transmitters and an additional 35 with colored tags only. It was very surprising to have only one recapture reported out of 60 fish tagged.


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Caleb, How many of the tagged crappiei from last year were caught?

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