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Lake Monroe Jessup Sandford FL, Crappiemasters 2006

Top 10

1. Steve Deason & Dennis Outlaw 13.44

2. Coy Sipes & Gilford Sipes 12.59

3. Marc Danque 12.04

4. Vic Finkley & Alvin Perry 12.02

5. David Stancil & Earl Brink 11.86

6. Ronald Hollingsworth & Barbara Hollinsgworth 11.57

7. Mike Baker & John Witt 11.5

8. Mitch Johnson & Robbie Goldman 11.35

9. Beth Williamson & Danny Williamson 11.33

10. Jeanne Fry & James Fry 11.14

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Refers to the degree of transparancy of the water you are fishing. This determines the distance and depth that a fish is able to see an object (such as your lure) under the water.

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