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Look for me on Sardis

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By CrappieRadio - Posted on 09 February 2010

Here is a picture of the boat I'm using to track crappiei on Sardis Lake. I look forward to meeting you on the water.


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Caleb, what kind of coverage do you get with your receiver? Woods

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I built that mast you see in the picture from some scrap PVC and I think it has improved the range some, but it's still not great. Does BnM make a stiff enough pole to use as a mast? Just kidding. When fish are deep, the water really hurts the signal and range may only be 100 yards or so. Shallower fish may have a range nearer 300-400 yards or better. Manufacturer claims around 1/3 mile (thats 587 yards), but I'm sure that's in air and with the antenna pointed right at it. The antenna is directional and the beep I hear in my headset is louder when it is pointed at the transmitter, loudest when I'm right on top of it. Good thing that four-stroke is pretty quiet or I wouldn't have a chance.


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Caleb, that is a small area compared to the size of the lake. You will burn that four stroke up before this project is over. Woods

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You're right, John. It took me about 9 hours on Sunday to search the area from the dam to Clear Creek. The fastest I can scan is two seconds per channel, so I can't run very fast or I risk driving right over a fish and being out of range before I get back around to that channel 50 seconds later.

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