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Member of the Day Giveaway

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By Shannon - Posted on 08 June 2010

Crappie Giveaway

Starting with the date of this post, a winner will be selected weekly by a committee based on the most useful and/or popular post to the site. The winner must be a member of the site and a member will only be eligible to win a prize every thirty days. The contest is not open to Crappie101 guides, employees, or family members. Crappie101 can end the contest at any point so contribute and increase your chances at winning!.

Crappie101 Hat
The current prize is the Crappie101 Khaki hat!

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Those are great hats and they really do hel you catch more fish. This site is great and you learn something new everyday and best of all, you meet some really great fellow crappiei fishermen.

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Went to Green River Res in Ky Monday after work caught some nice slabs.

A bad day of fishin is still better than a good at work.

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Hey Slabseeker. Welcome to the site. Let us hear from you on any topics in the forum. Just curious did you recently buy a War Eagle Predator?


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Hey guys we would really appreciate your input here on the website. Fishing reports are getting hard to come by with the heat and pictures of your catch would be great. I am working on a follow up give away that will involve posting pictures with your crappie101 cap and the prize will be worth a lot of money. I am gathering up the gear as we speak for this follow up so post your fishing report or anything else you would like to share with your fellow crappie fishermen so you can qualify for the big gear contest in a few weeks.


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I plan to do a little night fishing on Lewis Smith Lake this Friday night if the weather permits. I will send pics if all goes well. I purchased a War Eagle a few weeks back.

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Hey Big Papa we are going to be looking for those pics of the fish you catch on Friday. Now you know if we don't get pics we will just assume you didn't catch any.. LOL


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