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Old Hickory Lake, TN Crappie USA 04/19/08


Lake: Old Hickory, TN
Region: 1
Date: 04/19/08


Amateur Division
Rank Name Hometown Weight Winnings
1 Clary, Jimmy  
Clary, Johnny 
Joelton, TN 
Greenbrier, TN 
10.98  ----- 
2 Butler, Steve  
Kelley, David 
Lebanon, TN 
Jacksonville, FL 
9.56  ----- 
3 Feagin, John W  
Feagin, Matthew 
Mayfield, KY 
Mayfield, KY 
9.15  ----- 
4 Pinger, Marty   Hendersonville, TN  8.84  ----- 
5 McCoy, Jeff  
McCoy, James 
Humboldt, TN 
Humboldt, TN 
8.62  ----- 
6 Thomas, J.C.  Como, MS  8.57  ----- 
7 Bowman, Joseph W  
Tomlinson, Alan 
Portland, TN 
Hendersonville, TN 
8.27  ----- 
8 Bostelman, Rudy  
Bostelman, Brian 
Hendersonville, TN 
Hendersonville, TN 
8.22  ----- 
9 Townsend, Tracy  
Bryant, Larry 
Gallatin, TN 
Gallatin, TN 
8.16  ----- 
10 Reese, Joe  
Hobbs, James R 
Mt Juliet, TN 
Mt Juliet, TN 
7.88  ----- 
11 Adams, Wayne  
Adams, Josh 
Berea, KY 
Berea, KY 
7.59  ----- 
12 Fenstemaker, Eric A  
Fenstemaker, Janet 
Maryville, TN 
Maryville, TN 
7.53  ----- 
13 Cantrell, Charlie  
Cantrell, Charlton 
Macon, GA 
Brentwood, TN 
7.46  ----- 
14 Milby, Doyle  
Milby, Sonny 
Murray, KY 
Murray, KY 
7.18  ----- 
15 Vaughn, Charles  
Lackey, Dewayne 
Gallatin, TN 
Bethpage, TN 
6.81  ----- 
16 Sizemore, Kevin 
Sizemore, John 
Nashville, TN 
Decherd, TN 
3.27  ----- 
17 Jackson, Jeff  
Jackson, James 
Castalian Springs, TN 
Castalian Springs, TN 
-----  ----- 
18 Bryant, Richard M  
Fitzner, Arthur 
Brooksville, MS 
Columbus, MS 
-----  ----- 

Semi-Pro Division
Rank Name Hometown Weight Winnings
1 Tinsley, Mike  
Gill, Tim 
Woodburn, KY 
Bowling Green, KY 
11.20  ----- 
2 Maddux, Harold  
Oldham, Brian 
Mt Juliet, TN 
Mt Juliet, TN 
10.85  ----- 
3 Ridley, Tim  
Ridley, Pam 
McKenzie, TN 
McKenzie, TN 
10.29  ----- 
4 Eubanks, John  
Sipes, Kevin 
Trenton, TN 
Mt. Juliet, TN 
9.87  ----- 
5 Haley, Henry R  
Haley, Jo 
Carmi, IL 
Carmi, IL 
9.27  ----- 
6 Ferguson, Steve   Puryear, TN  9.18  ----- 
7 Briggs, Joey  
Briggs, Levi 
Dexter, KY 
Dexter, KY 
8.88  ----- 
8 Carter, Joseph  
Carter, Janette 
Gilbert, SC 
Gilbert, SC 
8.43  ----

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Angling for Crappie is popular throughout much of North America. Methods vary, but among the most popular is called 'Spider Rigging', a method characterized by a fisherman in a boat with many long fishing rods pointing away from the angler at various angles like spokes from a wheel. Anglers who employ the Spider Rigging method may choose from among many popular baits. Some of the most popular are plastic jigs with lead jig heads, crank baits or live minnows. Many anglers also chum or dump live bait into the water to attract the fish hoping the fish will bite their bait. Crappie are also regularly targeted and caught during the spawning period by fly fishermen, and can be taken from frozen ponds and lakes in winter by ice fishing.

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