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Our Hand Painted Jigs

Custom jigs created especially for the team. We have decided to make these high-quality crappiei jigs available to you as well. Below you will find a word from the creator

These jigs are like no other jig you've ever seen or used. They are hand made, hand painted, and completely made in the USA. I'm proud of that because above all, I'm a red-blooded American crappie fisherman.

After several years of not being able to find the colors of jigs that I thought would help me catch more crappie, I started painting my own, until I ended up with these sparkle head jigs.

Each color of jig has some history behind its being. I on't bore you with alot of detail, but I will assure you that each color has been tried & proven to catch fish when certain conditions are present.

One of the newer colors (Copperhead) was unproven when I gave some to my friend Charlie Kent. After a couple of weeks of use, he calls me one night & said "That's the ugliest damn jighead I've ever seen, but it catches fish!".

Some of these jigs are for dirty water, some are for clear water, some are for cold water, but I believe that they all will help you catch more fish.

Now, just a little about the logic behind the jig itself:

  • The Eyes: Did you ever see a fish without any eyes? It's a fact that crappie & bass make eye contact with bait fish or prey before they eat it. I try to make the pupil as large as possible to give it that scared look.
  • The Sparkle: It has a 2 fold purpose: 1st to show alot of flash adn to represent scales (Did you ever see bait fish without scales?)
  • The Hook: It is Mustad or Eagle Claw Gold. The gold helps with flash, plus it doesn't rust as easily therefore lasts longer. The 1/16 oz. jig has a #4 size hook and the 1/8 oz. jig has a #2 size hook.

I hope you'll try some of these jigs on your next fishing trip. I know you'll be happy with the results.

Thank you.

Danny Lawrence

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