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Pickwick Crappie USA Tournament

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By Ray - Posted on 01 June 2009

The team did travel to Pickwick this weekend and did pretty well. We had a great time and first would like to congratulate Ronnie Capps and Steve Coleman on another convincing win. We fished in Yellow creek both days in 12 to 18 feet of water with both jigs and minnows. The crappie we caught preferred a new Crappie101 jig we will be launching next week. We called it "slime" all weekend but does not have an official name yet. It is kind of lime green with sparkles and big eyes. The first day we fished until 12:30 and had to quit early because our fish were looking weak. The second day we only made it to 12:00 before we had to quit. The crappie were in really bad shape from the spawn and were tough to keep alive. Not saying we could have done any better if we would have fished the whole time but would love not to have that question in the back of my mind this week.
We had the privilege of spending some time with the team of Bonner and Baldridge who came to Pickwick with little experience on the lake and finished 15th. This is a team that you will need to watch for at the Classic on Columbus.
We also caught back up with some of the West Alabama Crappie teams that came to fish the Pickwick event. Jessie Wright and wife Nonna Wright finished well in the event and will be another team to watch at the Classic. Tracy Humber, Steve Minor and a few others also qualified for the classic.

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congrats to Ray and Charlie on their success in the tournament at Pickwick.I know Charlie knows Pickwick pretty well and keeps up with the fish there,and that helps alot.The new crappiei 101 sparklehead jig is called'Slimy' (Slime-e).Anyway I,m very proud for you and only wish I could join you.Thanks again Danny.

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Brian and I really had a great time fishing in our first crappiei usa tournament this weekend. Our first fishing experience on pickwick lake was one to remember. We met some good and very hospitable folks down there. I have to say that i was most impressed with Mr. Daryl and his entire staff @ crappie usa. They were very organized, well prepared and most of all very likable and people. I am very much looking forward to fishing the classic and many more crappie usa events in the future. We would also like congragulate ronnie and steve on another impressive win. Congrats to Mr. Charlie and Ray, also John and Tracy. These guys are great ambassadors to the sport we all love and are always fun to be around. Love that THUMP !

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Hey Jeff. You guys did a great job. That was a fine win. We look forward to seeing you guys again in Columbus for the Classic. Make sure you and Brian get up with me and I will take you out for a tour of the lake so you have a starting place.


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We appreciate that Ray and you got a deal on the tour.

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