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Pulling crank baits on Grenada

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By Ray - Posted on 02 August 2010

Well as you seen from the pictures Charlie and I pulled crank baits on Grenada. Finally got to try out all the new toys. Now I want to explain how we used the technology to catch fish.

First we used the Humminbird 1197 to check out the area we planned on fishing to make sure there were fish there. We seen lots of fish and the seemed to be from 22 foot of water up to 18 and mostly around the drops. Knowing there were fish there helped our confidence. We then changed to the map view at 500 feet so we could see the drops and position the boat right along them. We kept the map view up at all times from then on and tried to keep the boat moving over as many changes in depth as possible. Almost any time we pulled over a high spot we caught fish.

Next we used the Minn-Kota Terrova to run the boat. We set the cruise control to 1.6 MPH and set the auto pilot to steer us along the drops. The boat pretty much ran itself giving us the freedom the catch and net fish and untangle the occasional tangled lines. It was a lot like having someone extra in the boat to run the motor.

We set out 6 poles 3 on each side. 12, 10 and 8 foot rods equipped with Magda line counter reels. The reels allowed us the set the length of line out to 130, 115, and 90 feet. The different length rods gave us separation between the lines. Next trip I will run 14, 10 and 8 foot lengths in order to get more separation. We put the poles in 4' Driftmaster trolling racks. The racks were long enough to keep the big Magda reels from being too close together.

Last but not least we were pulling Bandit 300 crank baits in several colors. Actually started out with 6 different colors and planned to migrate to the ones they hit best. Never really zeroed in on a single color. Pink caught more small fish it seemed but it was also running on the shorter line. Sardis Gold then caught several large fish but as the sun got higher black made a come back and probably ended up even in the number of large crappiei.
Although all this gear is certainly not mandatory to catch crappie trolling crank baits it sure does make it more enjoyable.

Wannabe...'s picture

Stay offa mah lake Ray! You been warned.


Ray's picture

Dang lake it getting overpopulated due to your lack of fish catching skills so I had to come do a little community service and cull some of them out.


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Awesome report Ray!!!!! Since I got the 997, that about the way I handle things when I'm setting up a run for pulling Cranks. I make a couple of passes though the area with the SI at about 125-150 foot out each side and mark the fish, drops and ridges I see. Once I mark several, I go to my map and see if I can find a semi straight run based on my way points and put the rods out. Best 1500 bucks I ever spend of fishing

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Ray, nice fish, how long did you have to leave fish on each side for them to be done?, lol.

Ray's picture

That is funny because it was just about hot enough to cook them. I told Charlie we got to get this picture in a hurry because it will not take long for them to get too hot.


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