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Radio Tracking 1/19/10

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By CrappieRadio - Posted on 19 January 2010

Put in at Clear Creek today; water temperature was 39.6 degrees there. Was on water for about three hours and found four of the seven fish that were located yesterday. One had moved about 50 yards from yesterday's position to water at the same depth of 20 feet but with a higher surface water temperature of 41.6 degrees. Three of the other fish were not detected in or near their positions from yesterday. Four new fish were located today in water ranging from 18-29 feet deep and from 39.6-40.4 degrees. One of these four new fish had moved from the release point in the middle of the lake (40 feet depth) in December to a depth of 18 feet a short way up a large creek channel for today's position. So far, eleven of the 25 tagged fish have been detected.

Good luck fishing and let us know when you catch a tagged fish. Record where and when you caught it, please. Your information is important to our study.


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i talked to you today. i was trolling just out from the ramp just before you loaded out today. interesting work you got going on and i appreciate you stopping to talk. i will follow your progress and good luck with your studies. my youngest sons name is caleb as well. by the way, i did not boat a fish today. but it beat work.

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Mississippi, good to see your post.We are all looking forward to following the progress of the radio transmitter tagging.Thanks to Professor Parsons And Caleb, this cooperative project between Ole Miss/Miss State and the Dept. Of Wildlife,Is off to a running start. John Woods

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Thanks Caleb. This is about the coolest info I have ever seen. Please keep it coming.


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Do you know whether they are white or black crappiei?

FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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DTG, all the crappiei tagged with the radio transmitters were white crappie. Did not catch a single black crappie the day of tagging. Woods

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It would have been nice to see the the deviation of habitat between the two and the reaction to weather changes between the two.

FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oxygenator/U2 Pro Formula

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