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Side Imaging Academy LogoWe have noticed a need in the crappie community for further education in the use of side imaging technologies. We have focused mainly on the Humminbird 797si and the 997 series.

We feel that preparation before you are on the water is the best approach. The concept was simple: while on the water, keep the fisherman fishing. With this in mind, we have created the Side Imaging Academy to allow you to learn how to use your side imaging technology while sitting in the comfort of your favorite chair.

We have created a Fishing Electronics forum that covers side imaging discussions. We also have various videos that help demonstrate the use of side imaging technology. Please email us or leave a message on the forums telling of your interest in side imaging videos. The creation of the videos are very time consuming and we would like to know if there is a genuine interest in the videos we produce.

tmyarteme's picture
Please send me any info you can on this

Tommy Arteme

kybusa's picture

got 570 DI it is totally awesome....crystal clear- is all I can say, same fish- same structre................looks totally different ( 2D sonar days are soon over)

I just love to catch fish.......simple ain't it!

dw's picture

thanks for the pics and videos. can't wait 'til mine get here. "visions of sugar plums" bigtime! dw

Longhunter's picture

THANK YOU for the videos they are very informative and go a long way to help explain what you are looking @.Again thanks for the effort and best of luck on the water.

Make It Count!!! <><

rdendy's picture

Thanks to all who put this info together. It sure is a great help to see before hand how it works. Now I have to get one for myself.

tles1's picture

I concur with Crappiehunter; Awesome SI videos and website! Thanks to all that created it. Keep up the GREAT JOB!

Ray's picture

tles1 Thanks for the kind words. We are determined to provide quality content and share what we know about crappie fishingi. Please let us know what kinds of things you would like to see more of and contribute when you can.


rdendy's picture

I have been doing some shopping for the HB 797 and I find they now have a model 798. Is this a newer version of the 797? I also saw where Bass Pro does not handle the 797 any longer.Cabelas still has them and at a slight discount. If you could give me some insight on this it would be appreciated.

Ray's picture

The 798 is the replacement for the 797. There are a few upgrades one of which is 2 card slots which will allow you to record and run maps at the same time. Otherwise I think they are basically the same. There is a difference also in the screen size but it is minimal.
I have the 797 and today have no intention of purchasing the 798 for the upgrade.
If it were me I would buy the new 798 unit as long as the price difference was less than $150.00.
Let us know when you get either of the units. We might be able to save you a great deal of learning time.


rdendy's picture

Thanks for the info. I have decided on the 797 - 400 bucks cheaper. I'll make a post once I get it for some pointers on install and operation in about a month. Keep up the good work, this is an awesome place for crappiei info.

wingman's picture

where did you find the cheapest one at? Found one at humingbird for $799.

Take a kid fishing!!!

slabbandit's picture

This is what I have been looking for. A moving description of what a Side Imaging unit is actually showing us. I really like seeing stakebeds and other manmade structure.

Catch a Big-un!

Crappiehunter's picture

Man this stuff is awesome. Thanks for the information and the site.

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