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Strike King Lure Company Announces Sponsorship of Crappie Masters Tournament Trail in 2011

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By Shannon - Posted on 14 January 2011

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Collierville, TN (January 13, 2011) – Strike King Lure Company a leader in fishing lures for over 40 years is proud to announce a sponsorship of the Crappie Masters Tournament Trail for 2011. “We are very excited to get involved with the growing and popular Crappie Masters Tournament trail,” says Marketing Manager Chris Brown. “We are excited to introduce our new line-up of Slab Hammer Crappie baits and we feel they will really benefit the crappiei anglers on and off the trail.” Best known for their Bass fishing lures, Strike King has become very involved over the last year in the growing crappie market and has developed both soft plastics and crankbaits specifically for crappie fisherman.

Strike King Lure Company has been gearing up fisherman of over 40 years with a wide selection of Fresh & Saltwater fishing lures for both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Panfish, Redfish, Speckled Trout and many others and a complete line of Polarized sunglasses.

For More Information:
Chris Brown
Marketing Manager
Strike King Lure Company
Office: 1-800-467-5873 ext.229
Cell: 901-493-0437

Wannabe...'s picture

I'm telling you Ray, leave them Mini-Kings alone. Total and complete waste of time. All they'll catch is Gar on top of that. Big pole breaking gar at that. Occassionally, you'll get a big striper that will wrap all 24 of your lines, but other than that, it's just broken rods.

I'm tellin' ya as a concerned citizen and a friend. Honest.


Danny Lawrence's picture

Ray; glad to see so many interested in the Strike King Lure Company bring in some new crappiei baits. They are a leader in the lure making field, no matter if it,s soft plastics or hard baits,or spinner baits, you can,t go wrong with a Strike King on the end of your line.I,ve seen the new cranks advertised on the tube and they look great,also the tubes look good ,but would work better with a Crappie 101 head on them. Thanks Crappiedogg

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Mark Morris's picture

bass pro in jeffersonville indiana has the slab hammer tubes and the TOOTY FRUITY tubes they are loaded with salt and colors are amazing

Big Papa's picture

Ray, I have couple of pair of the Strike King sun glasses and I perfer them over Costa's. Have you tried any of the Crappie bait's? If so where can I purchase them? You know me if there is a sample out there I WANT one.

Woods's picture

Strike King, welcome to crappie fishingi. It has not been many years ago if you told me you could catch crappiei on a crankbait I would have said you are crazy. But five years or so back I started using crankbaits. I have long lined them from the sides and rear of the boat. I have taken a 20 foot pole remove the tip section to support the weight. Rig 2 crankbaits on a single pole with a 5 or 6 oz. weight to keep them down and push them from the front of the boat. It does not matter pushing or pulling, crankbaits are a very productive way to catch crappie. John Woods

Tosh's picture

I've only fooled with the crankbaits for a short time but I do know those jerkbaits have paid dividends in the past. I always buy mine at Gander Mountain in Jackson, TN.


Matthew Tosh Guide Service
Ph: (731) 343-2835

Charlie's picture

Glad to see Strike King in the Crappie Fishing Arena. I bass fish some and use and like your crank and spinner baits. I am an avid crappiei angler and tournament fisherman. I'm sure your crappie baits will be of equal quality and appearance as your bass baits, will try them as soon as possible.

Honey Hole Guide Service

mormatt's picture

Glad they made the move, hopefully others will follow, thanks Strike King

ltdan's picture

Well welcome to the world of crappie fishingi. Just what I needed another bait to spend my money on. I am a crank bait addict so there is no way I will be able to resist trying these bad boys out.

DocFish's picture

Ray, I bet you could push those mini-king spinners out the front with a 3/4 weight and cover some serious ground. Man let us know if this new method catches fish.
I look forward hearing about the new baits as well. So you guys don't be all tight lipped about it.

Crappiehunter93's picture

I would like to thanks Strike King for supporting Crappiemasters and helping support the sport we all are addicted to. Looking forward to seeing the new products.

teddy's picture

Ray I want to reserve the first trip after you figure out this spinnerbait method. I have caught some slab crappiei on spinner baits but never could get the numbers. I think you may be on to something.

Wannabe...'s picture

Hot dang! This is good news. SK swings a big hammer in the bait world and more options is more better. Can't be nothing but good for us Crappie fishermen for them to get involved in the tournaments too. Noticed Bass Pro Shops has the Crappie Hammer crankbait listed on their website and they look good. Just hope they expand the colors some.

However, whatever you do, completely ignore there mini-king spinnerbaits, but if you mess up and buy some, never, never, ever slow roll them past wood in the Spring. That would be a complete waste of time and money. :)


Ray's picture

Now that you mention mini-king spinnerbaits. I want to try and and long line some of them kind of like pulling cranks but with spinners. I am convinced it will work when you figure out the speed and depth thing. One thing I know is the hogs love a spinner bait. Heck I might just start own new craze.. "Trolling spinners"


Ray's picture

Edit that: I am going to trademark. "cruzin spinners"
I am telling you now this will be the next craze in crappie fishingi..


mwinter's picture

Hey Ray where can we purchase these new baits at? I am really interested in trying strike king out. Let me know as soon as you hear something.


Carl Painter's picture

Haven't seen the baits yet. Looking forward to hearing all about them. Ray, if you get any to demo be sure to share the wealth man!

Tracy Humber's picture

Has anybody saw these in stores yet? I would like to add a few to my arsenal. I know they make good bass stuff, or so my kids say. If anybody finds some let me know. I'll prolly try to find em online and order some. If I'm not mistaken, I watched a show the other day where they were using these on Reelfoot.

Tracy Humber's picture

All right, since nobody would do the work for me, here's a web site

Ray's picture

All my Bass fishing friends say Strike King makes some of the best hard baits on the market so I am going to say these are going to be really good baits.


danny malone's picture

Ray, when you get some of the Strike King lures please give me and the other 101er's a heads up on how they catch crappiei and how and where could i purchase some tks, danny.

Ray's picture

Sounds like a good move for Strike King. I look forward to trying some of the new crappie fishingi products.


Roper Outdoors's picture

Wow! Strike King Lures New Jigs the Tooty Fruity Tubs look cool enough for me even to eat. What stores are going to carry them?

"Keeping The Great Outdoors Great"

Ray's picture

Look at the salt on those tubes. I am telling you now that will make a slab hold on just a little longer and that means the world when you crappiei fish.


Mark Morris's picture

bass pro shops have the slab hammers and the TOOTY FRUITY TUBES they are loaded with salt and have amazing colors. I just had to buy a few packs last week

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