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Talquin Lake, FL Crappie USA 01/23/10


Amateur Division
Rank Name Hometown Weight Winnings
1 Walker, Fred D  
Howard, Rick 
Lizella, GA 
Warner Robins, GA 
9.26  ----- 
2 Sellers, Robert  
Ryals, Tommy 
Juliette, GA 
Danville, GA 
7.85  ----- 
3 Williams, Scott  
Sapp, Jacob 
Cochran, GA 
Cochran, GA 
7.81  ----- 
4 Dieckmann, David  
Stephens, Mark 
Coolidge, GA 
Ochlocknee, GA 
7.29  ----- 
5 Hefferman, Eron  
Pfost, Tom 
Warner Robins, GA 
Kathleen, GA 
6.60  ----- 
6 Chesnut, Morris  
Chesnut, Linda 
Marion, IN 
Marion, IN 
5.98  ----- 
7 Kinsler, Tommy  
Kinsler, Deborah 
Ocala, FL 
Ocala, FL 
4.29  ----- 
8 Jackson, Frank  
Crews, Gene 
Banaire, GA 
Columbus, GA 
-----  ----- 
9 Himelick, Gary  
Himelick, Mona 
Seminole, FL 
Seminole, FL 
-----  ----- 
10 Hilburn, Thomas  
Shields, Keith 
Fort Valley, GA 
Byron, GA 
-----  ----- 
11 Cherry, Tommy  
Foskey, Harry 
Dublin, GA 
Cochran, GA 
-----  ----- 
12 Carson, Darren  
Green, Wade 
Gray, GA 
Cochran, GA 
-----  ----- 

Semi-Pro Division
Rank Name Hometown Weight Winnings
1 Cannon, Danny  
Williams, Billy 
Toomsboro, GA 
Cochran, GA 
11.26  ----- 
2 Leverette, Jared  
Staton, John 
Quincy, FL 
Quincy, FL 
11.08  ----- 
3 Leverett, Jade  
Leverette, Jason 
Quincy, FL 
Quincy, FL 
10.62  ----- 
4 Cape Jr, Roy T  
Harris, Robert 
Cordele, GA 
Ramer, AL 
10.52  ----- 
5 Sellers, Tommy  
Sellers, Christy 
Macon, GA 
Macon, GA 
10.02  ----- 
6 Williamson, Danny  
Williamson, Beth 
Camilla, GA 
Camilla, GA 
9.86  ----- 
7 Lindsey, Lynward  
Ray, James 
Eatonton, GA 
Gray, GA 
9.05  ----- 
8 Sightler, Charles S  
Williams, Richard  
Gray, GA 
Macon, GA 
7.92  ----- 
9 Willis, Ricky  
Thiel, Troy 
Gray, GA 
Gordon, GA 
5.96  ----- 
10 Johnson, Tony  
Lowery, Matt 
Dublin, GA 
Dexter, GA 
4.64  ----- 
11 Carter, Joseph  
Cater, Janette 
Gilbert, SC 
Gilbert, SC 
4.24  ----- 
12 Licht, Don  
Claywell, Roger 
Indianapolis, IN 
New Castle, IN 
-----  ----- 
13 Roper, Tommie  
Roper, Jarad 
Princeton, NJ 
Princeton, NJ 
-----  ---

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