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Talquin Lake, FL Crappie USA 02/18/06


Lake: Talquin, FL
Region: 2
Date: 02/18/06


Amateur Division
Rank Name Hometown Weight Winnings
1 Williamson, B  
Williamson, D 
Camilla, GA 
Camilla, GA 
12.67  $750.00 
2 Fishburn, B  
Fishburn, C 
Tallahassee, FL 
Tallahassee, FL 
12.09  $400.00 
3 Roberts,W  Tallahassee, FL  11.64  $350.00 
4 Tucker, B  
Tucker, J 
Moultrie, GA 
Moultrie, GA 
8.95  $200.00 
5 Ferrell, R 
Ferrell, C 
Cairo, GA 
Cairo, GA 
8.59  $200.00 
6 Cape Jr, R  
Harris, R 
Cordele, GA 
Warner Robins, GA 
8.42  ----- 
7 Davidson, L  
Greene, B 
Bonaire, GA 
Perry, GA 
8.28  ----- 
8 Carson, D 
Ingram, H 
Gray, GA 
Gray, GA 
8.02  ----- 
9 Jones, R  
Young, W 
Cochran, GA 
Cochran, GA 
7.84  ----- 
10 Roberts, E 
Roberts, K 
Tampa, FL 
Tampa, FL 
7.34  ----- 
11 Leverette, J  
Leverette, P 
Abbeville, AL 
Abbeville, AL 
7.07  ----- 
12 Baker, M 
Horne, T 
Silver Springs, FL 
Hilliard, FL 
6.57  ----- 
13 Gore, J 
Shiver, D 
Baxley, GA 
Camilla, GA 
6.24  ----- 
14 Allen, E 
Allen, S 
Quincy, FL 
Quincy, FL 
5.67  ----- 
15 Levenette, J 
Hall, A 
Dothan, FL 
Coverts, AL 
5.55  ----- 
16 Dieckmann, D  
Stephens, M 
Thomasville, GA 
Ochlocknee, GA 
5.22  ----- 
17 Ingram Sr, H  
Ingram, A 
Macon, GA 
Macon, GA 
4.87  ----- 
18 Jackson, F  
Shepard, T 
Bonaire, GA 
Bonaire, GA 
4.79  ----- 
19 Carter, J  
Carter, J 
Gilbert, SC 
Gilbert, SC 
3.76  ----- 
20 Shirah, T 
Alapaha, GA 
Alapaha, GA 
3.27  ----- 
21 Walters, R 
Lessburg, FL 
Leesburg, FL 
3.12  ----- 
22 Swearingen, J  
Welch, C 
Albany, GA 
Albany, GA 
2.53  ----- 
23 Boggs, R 
Boggs, T 
ST. Cloud, FL 
St. Cloud, FL 
1.50  ----- 
24 Darby, G 
Shiver, S 
Crawfordsville, FL 
Tallahassee, FL 
0.54  ----- 

Semi-Pro Division
Rank Name Hometown Weight Winnings
1 Outlaw, D 
Rush, R 
Camden, SC 
Camden, SC 
13.41  $700.00 
2 Cannon, D  
Williams, B 
Toomsboro, GA 
Cochran, GA 
11.22  $500.00 
3 Thiel, T 
Willis, R 
Gordon, GA 
Gray, GA 
11.03  $350.00 
4 Hill, B 
Hopper, G 
Lake Wales, FL 
Lake Wales, FL 
7.66  ----- 
5 Huff Jr, R  
Huff, T 
Gray, GA 
Lizella, GA 
7.25  ----- 
6 Parker, G 
Tittle, D 
West Palm Beach, FL 
Umatilla, FL 
6.38  ----- 
7 Graham, T 
Gore, M 
Kathleen, GA 
Bonaire, GA 
6.30  ----- 
8 Deason, S  
Howard, R 
Gray, GA 
Warner Robins, GA 
3.82  ----

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