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Tough Day on Columbus

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By Shannon - Posted on 06 April 2009

I was lucky enough to get a half day of fishing on Columbus Lake this past Sunday. I went with Ray and we where able to catch some keepers, but it wasn't an easy day. The work was well worth it though (see pic below).

We attempted fishing around the bank in several different locations on the lake, but other than a couple small bass and brim, no crappiei were to be found.

Favorite spots pulled us through, although crappie were not as abundant as weeks past. Other than the occasional mist of rain, the day was enjoyable. Too bad the yard work that waited for me at home wasn't as fun!

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Kind of funny.. We ended up catching these fish on a stake bed Shannon and I put out last summer. We affectionately call this the mosquito bed because the mosquitoes literally ate us up while we put it out.


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When are they going to be ready?

Make It Count!!! <><

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They were cleaned, cooked, and almost completely eaten by the end of dinner Sunday night! We had most of the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Shannon Admin

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Story of my life...Please don't tell me you backed them!

Make It Count!!! <><

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