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You may visit our old video section by clicking here. You may find our side imaging video archive here.

YouTube - Crappie Fishing Reelfoot Lake

Spider-rigging on Reelfoot Lake, Tn. for big crappiei.

YouTube - Crappie Fishing Sardis Lake MS using BnM Poles

Warren Cotton & Jeremy Davis crappiei fish Sardis Lake Ms using Big Bite Baits tube jigs on Roper Outdoors jig heads tip with minnow. Driftmaster Rod Holders held the B'n'M BGJP 163n perfect.

John Woods crappie fishing on Sardis Lake (02-06-2011)

John has suprising results crappie fishingi on Sardis Lake in Mississippi on this February day.

Crappie Fishing - How to make a crappie slab bed

The video was designed to address the question "How do I create a slab bed (artificial habitat) for crappiei?". This video shows one way that does it. It is similar to our video "How to make a crappie stake bed".

Deer Swimming Sardis

Crappie guide John Woods came upon a deer swimming Sardis lake while crappie fishingi.

Wild Water Hose

This video was submitted by John Woods. Once John had returned from fishing for crappiei, he got a surprise from the water hose.

Crappie Radio Tagging Study - p1 is working with a team from Ole Miss University to report information learned from their radio tagging study for crappiei. John Woods volunteered to help the team capture the 25 crappie used for this study. The crappie were tagged and released and this video shows the process.

Crappie Fishing - Charlie Kent on Pickwick Lake

This is our first video of the new year. Please take a look at crappiei guide Charlie Kent on Pickwick lake.

Crappie Fishing - Using the Aqua-Vu

Here is a crappie fishingi video by of underwater footage showing crappiei in some of their natural habitat.

Crappie Fishing - Tyler at Columbus Lake

Here is a video by of Tyler crappie fishingi on Columbus Lake in Columbus, MS.

Thanks for stopping by We are the site dedicated to crappie fishingi. We bring you tips and techniques from crappie country's top pros and the everyday fisherman not to mention the most complete information on crappie lakes from all around the country.

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