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West Alabama Crappie Association Tournament - Columbus Lake 05-16-09

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By Shannon - Posted on 16 May 2009

We would like to thank West Alabama Crappie Association for hosting the tournament at Columbus Lake today. Ray and I had the opportunity to fish with this club today at the tournament. The entire group was very friendly and made us feel welcome.

With the sportsmanship and good humor of the club members, it is easy to see why people have so much fun in this club. Thank you again for the tournament.

We had good results from our jigs. Ray mostly used our Crappie101 jig named Vitamin C. I was using our Crappie101 jig Money. This was a little out of the norm for me because I usually like using Hooker. Ray had mentioned that the crappie were liking it so I tried it and it worked out well.

As for the results, here are the top ten and a couple pictures from the tournament.

1 Ray Looney/Shannon Lolley 9.09
2 Jessie Wright/Nonna Wright 8.98 (Big Fish-1.95)
3 Tracy Humber/Patrick Stone 8.02
4 Matt Lindsey/Wayne Nichols 7.93
5 Tim Fields/Thomas Fields 7.66
6 Scott Humber 7.27
7 Albert Humber/Charles Humber 7.12
8 Matt Winter/Greg Haynes 6.60
9 Guy Gardner/Butch Mays 6.53
10 Mike Gladden/Gail Gladden 6.00
1st - Looney & Lolley
2nd - Wright & Wright
3rd - Humber & Stone
Big Fish - Humber
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Congrats to Ray and Shannon on your win in the recent tournament.I'm glad to see you using the crappiei 101 jigs. Most people don't know the advantage of using the sparkle head,but you've proved that it works.Keep up the wins cause I know you'll be fishing more tournaments.

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