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Winter Crappie Bite

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By dandkguide - Posted on 10 January 2011

Crappie fishing hear on lake Eufaula is absolutely wonderful. We have been working on some really big crappiei this year. Our guides and clients are pulling some awesome wall-hanging size crappie, due to a highly anticipated 3rd consecutive year with a successful spawn.

You see a crappie's life span is only about five years and in lake Eufaula due to normally fluctuating water levels during the spring spawn like when the eggs have been laid and suddenly the water level drops a foot or more, well, there goes your spawn for that year, of course nature does have its way around poor spawns thankfully not all crappie spawn at the same time and so on.

We are fortunate to get off one successful spawn much less two consecutive years in a row. While presently going on our 3rd year with a above normal spawn, we are very excited about this years crappie weight and length potential and have already noticed bigger and more crappie this year. We fully expect our current lake record of 2.8 lbs to be broken several times over in the next two years.

If you enjoy catching really big crappie try a bigger bait. The big boys don't move around with the general population and when it's time for them to feed they would rather eat something big and be done with it - be it a minnow or jig - the really big fish like it big. But when the bite slows down I would defiantly go back to the bait size that I normally fish with. For me that's going be a minnow on a #4 gold hook or if there on jigs we like the 1/8 once blake & green 2" beaver tail.

If you think you might have a potential lake record, contact the department of wildlife fisheries division and they will guide you through the proper channels. This article courtesy of D and K guide service. Good luck & stay safe.

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