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catching post spawn crappie

I have found a large number of fish located in the bend of a river at 15 feet. The reservoir i am fishing is called Chickahominy lake located in Virigina. It is a river that is damed to create an impoundment. The majority fish in the lake is Crappie, so I assume the echoes I am seeing are crappiei? Any help in the techniques to catch these fish would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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Match the hatch - truth or bull?

On another crappiei forum, I've been in a debate that mimicking a specific forage is not necessary when it comes to catching any fish, including crappie. What is the consensus of pro anglers?

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Fishing trip To Grenada

Would like to fish Grenada.When would be the best time for the biggest fish? I live in Fl and can fish there anytime, just wondering when will be the best time. Thanks.

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Breaking Trolling Motor Pull Release Rope

Hey guys...I broke two pull release ropes on my tm, so I when to the hardware store, and bought some small diameter [sp] cable, and used my old handle from the broke rope, got some of them u shaped clamps and tighten them up.
I don't break them anymore needless to I tried the lawn mower pull role to, but they broke also. Try the small cable it works like a charm.

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finding crappie with electronics

By using depth sounders like Lawrance LCX112C color graph, how do you go about to find crappiei in a new deep clear natural lake around 6000 acres with planty of flats and deep drop offs with deep weed line due to clear water, Season early summer water temps around 72 deegrese. crappie most likely allready have spawnned. I am a muskie guy so I do not know squat about crappies

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Question about my boat

I have a polished aluminum boat sides are very shiny and bottom so so. Does anyone think that would affect your fishing or trolling as far as scaring off the fish? Thanks

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Sardis or Enid

If you were planning a trip in next couple weeks which would be your first choice to fish this time of year? If I knew right spots would fish one then the other the next day.

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