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Pickwick Lake Crappie Fishing Reports

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pickwick report

Fished saturday in bear creek,around mill creek area,and only caught one crappiei,fished sunday Indian creek only caught 8,went back to bear creek monday and only caught 5, longline jigs,and also jiging jigs in underwater brush,lot of boats trolling down toward eastport in bear creek don't know if they are on fish or not.Water temps start out around 44 and end up around 50.Bear still stian but not to bad,but seen to be lower than normal.

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Feb 18 Yellow Creek

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Well I finally got my boat out of the shop and got a nice day to fish. I fished Yellow Creek at Pickwick. I caught about 25 crappiei, but could not find the big fish. I caught some in the 1 to 1/14 lb class. I kept 8 to eat. I caught these in 12 to 18 ft of water, water was stained. I used 1/16 oz Crappie101 jigs, Black Widow head with yellow and white tail, Bull Frog head with green and yellow tail, and Flamingo head with black and pink tail.
Good Luck Fishing

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Pickwick Lake crappie report

Charlie Kent and Bob Garrison fished Pickwick Lake Sunday. They put in at Coleman Park to start and fished Indian Creek area. Caught a few crappiei then went out on the Lake and Bass fished a while. They then went to Yellow Creek and caught 14 keepers ranging up to about a pound. The fish came from 17 to 19 foot of water and the water temp was 40. The fish seemed to prefer the black crappie101 head with orange and chartreuse tail.
Good to see Charlie back on the water. His boat has been out of commission for a few weeks.

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Pickwick Crappie Report

I fished the Yellow Creek area yesterday on Pickwick Lake. I caught A limit of crappiei on this trip with several nice fish. The largest being 2 pounds and several other 1.5 plus. I fished in 10 to 16 ft. of water and used the crappie101 jig Hooker to catch most of the fish. Water temp was about 60 and stained.

Charlie Kent
Pickwick Lake Crappie Guide

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Yellow Creek Crappie Guide Trip 10-28-09

We caught about 20 crappiei on this trip with several decent fish. The weather was mostly cloudy and cool all day. We fished in 10 to 16 ft. of water and used the crappie jigs Slimy and Charlie's Angel.

Charlie Kent
Pickwick Lake Crappie Guide

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fishing report 10-25-09

Tracy came down and we fished Bear Creek yesterday Sun. 10/25
We caught 35 crappiei mostly in 8 to 12 foot of water. We caught most of the fish on the crappie101 hooker jig with black and char. tail. The water was stained.

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Charlie on Pickwick lake Oct 11th

Charlie fished Pickwick Lake on Sunday Oct 11th in the Yellow Creek area. He caught better than 40 crappiei and kept 24 in the 1 to 1.25 pound range. The largest for the day was 1.75. Most the bites came on the 1/16 Slimy and in the 8 to 16 foot depth range. Also caught some on the chartreuse hair jig. The water was tea stained and between 68 and 70 degrees.
Pickwick Crappie
More Pickwick Crappie

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