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Pickwick Lake Crappie Fishing Reports

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Pickwick Lake crappie fishing report

Matthew Tosh sent me this report and pictures from Pickwick Lake. He said he had a pretty good day slow trolling minnows and hand poling too.

Pickwick Crappie 1
Pickwick Crappie 2
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Pickwick Lake crappie fishing report

I fished Pickwick yesterday and had a pretty good day. I only fished till about 2 pm and caught around 25 keepers. I had several in the 1.25 pound range but no big fish. The fish were around 16 foot deep and preferred the Wolf jig with a bleeding shad tail.

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Pickwick Lake crappie fishing report

I fished Pickwick Lake just about all day yesterday. I caught a good number of crappiei and A couple really nice ones. I did catch a good many smaller crappie and there seemed to be numbers of fish in all areas of the lake. I really fished all over the lake including 3 States. The crappie definitely preferred the "Money" jig with pearl scent tail even over my old stand by "Slimy" Most of the crappie came from around 12 to 16 foot of water and stuck deep in cover. I released all the crappie but here is a picture of one of the better ones.
Charlie Kent
Pickwick Lake Crappie Guide
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No excuses from Pickwick

No fish and no excuses. Just didn't catch any. Here is my empty cooler.

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Pickwick today

I am up here at Pickwick today and tomorrow. Just getting started one crappiei and one catfish. Thanks Don Don for the help.

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Pickwick Crankin 7/28/2010

this was my 4th attempt at pulling crankbaits for crappiei. Not a killer day by most of you guys standards but a blast for me and my son and made for some fine eating too !! mormatt


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